Family Hauser
and the Zistelalm

The history of the Zistelalm has been linked to four generations of
family to the Hauser family.

A lot of exciting things have happened during this time – stories,
Personalities and events that will be remembered.

The beginnings

The history of the Zistelalm begins in the middle of the 19th century when the former estate was first used as an accommodation hut. Back then, the ascent was much more difficult and only possible with carts or humpback baskets, so-called cisterns.

The construction of the cogwheel railroad up the Gaisberg in 1855 also led to greater tourist development, especially by the city of Salzburg. At this time, the Gasthaus Zistelalpe was still owned by the Gaisbergbahn-Gesellschaft.

The Hauser family and the Zistelalm

Hermann Hauser and Maria Hauser leased the Zistelalm in 1910 and then took it over completely in 1912. Their two sons, Max and Hans, were also born during this time. After the death of her father in the First World War, Maria Hauser continues to run the inn alone.

The two sons are making a name for themselves when it comes to skiing. Even in their early years, they are known for their courageous skiing style and later achieve many a success in alpine skiing. In 1932, Hans Hauser is the first Salzburger to win a medal for Austria at a World Ski Championships.

During this time, Maria Hauser had the Zistelalm converted into a 28-bed hotel and inn. The end of the Gaisberg cable car in 1928 and the construction of the motorway the following year marked the beginning of a new era on the Gaisberg.

The Gaisberg Race and the Second World War

The opening of the motorway in 1929 also marked the beginning of the history of the now legendary Gaisbergrennen. This race was held four times before the Second World War and was only resumed after the war.

The two brothers emigrated to the USA in the 1930s to work as ski instructors. Hans returned in 1939 and helped his mother through the difficult times on the Zistelalm.

The new era at the Zistelalm

After the war, the Zistelalm is completely destroyed by fire. The Alpenhotel is completely rebuilt and with Max Hauser and his wife, the young generation takes over the management. In the following decades, a ski lift was built and further modernization work was carried out.

In 1980, the third generation takes over with Hermann Hauser and his wife Anneliese.

Michael Hauser has been running the business at the Zistelalm since 1998.
Thanks to the construction of the Zistelstadl, the Zistelalm has become a popular event location far beyond the borders of Salzburg

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